Food Connoisseur of Oakville. COMPASS has arrived.


Do you eat your food with your heart?031

Something that encompasses more than just a recipe and a burger or plain pasta?

At Compass restaurant we offer all of the elements to make your dining experience as authentic as you can get, outside of actually being in America! Your Oakville restaurant in itself is a recipe for the perfect night out; take a look at our offerings.

When it comes to dining what is the first thing that pops into your head? “More color, more flavor and fresh ingredients” is what Kennedy, Master chef at Compass restaurant says.IMG_0220

Dining out isn’t about just quick-easy food or night off cooking. It’s about the experience of an evening out, settling in and enjoying new flavors, new combinations and new ingredients. This is the premise that Chef Hans alongside Compass Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Kennedy used when creating the menu for Steamers this summer.

Coming from Pacific where she catered to Americans, he worked his way up through the hierarchy of chefs, Kennedy knows a thing or two about providing a unique dining experience based around quality. “High quality is a big focus of mine,” says Kennedy. “There’s a transparency when it comes to local, quality ingredients – because not only do you know where the food is grown, but with taste.


This mantra is evident throughout the entire menu at restaurant. Right here in Oakville, focuses on healthy, organic produce grown in GTA. “Using produce from the local market allows us to keep our menu fresh with season,” Executive Chef, Hans adds.highres_442856872

From highlighting local suppliers throughout the menu, visiting the oakville’s lake Ontario, creating fresh homemade pasta and breads, to smoking meats and fish in-house and forging for ingredients, the chefs at Compass Restaurant & Bar, under the guidance of Chef Hans, will definitely provide a dining experience in Oakville that is unmatched.

All of these ingredients combined with our service results in a very unique Guest experience. We’re so pleased to bring Compass to Oakville, a diverse and growing community. Here at Compass in Brampton, we look forward to serving you soon.

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