Top neighborhoods and their rich type of restaurants you see  in Canada

Ever wondered where the rich people of the city live? Or ever thought how their huge houses look like and probably they live in a neighborhood  full of rich people like them. According to the statistics, Canada’s 32000 people have more than one million U.S. dollars in the form of their assets and this figure excludes their own properties. This makes one wonder how much actually do they own and what kind of houses do they live in. 

Let us take a look at top neighborhoods of Canada according to wealth. Perhaps one day some of us can become a part of these neighborhoods.

  1. York Mills – Wind fields, Toronto, Ontario

York Mills-Wind Fields has topped the list and is supposedly the most expensive neighborhood in Canada. The average household worth of the neighborhood is around 21.55 million dollars. According to estimations, the residents make roughly around 1212275 dollars a year and an average house costs around 3.4 million dollars. These high figures make it the most expensive area full of rich people. You will see high end shopping and food restaurants. very high end like 

  1. The Bridle Path, Toronto, Ontario

With an average house costing around 2.24 million dollars, The Bridle Path stands at the second place in the list. Many celebrities own houses in this area and it is also referred to as “the million rows” neighborhood. The average household income in the area is about 936137 dollars and an average net worth is around 22.7 million dollars.

  1. Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, British Columbia

Third in the list is Shaughnessy heights where the value for an average estate is 3.09 million dollars. The average household income is around 12 million dollars with annual income of 77184 dollars.

  1. Sunny brook, Toronto, Ontario

At the fourth place stands Sunny brook in Toronto. The interesting thing about the residents of this area is their fondness towards horses and horseback riding. The credit for this goes to Joseph Kilgore who owned the area and had a number of stables in the area. The average cost of the mansions in the area is 2.29 million dollars. An average household income is 311797 dollars with annual net worth of 20.82 million dollars.

  1. Summit Park, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec

Located at the north west of Westmount, Summit Park is the costliest neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec. Average cost for a mansion is around 2.40 million dollars. The different thing about this neighborhood is the positioning of the mansions at heights. Most of the residents are Anglophones. The average household income is 906659 dollars with annual turnout of 11 million dollars.